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Trauma Healing, Nervous System Regulation
& Somatic Experiencing® for Individuals,
Couples, & Groups



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Identify different Nervous System states,
receive new practices and tools for nervous system regulation,
and learn about how SE® restores the biological functioning of the nervous system, heals trauma, and gives us access to more joy and happiness. 


All parts of you are welcome here. Weather you have tried other various forms of therapy, or this will be your first experience, you are right where you need to be.

You are ready for a new kind of healing experience.
One that invites all parts of you to show up, and  resolves experiences of lived and inherited trauma not just in your mind, but also in your body. 


Alexandra will help you gently heal common symptoms of stress and trauma, and gracefully unwind the stories of the past. She provides you with a multitude of new strategies to regulate your nervous system, and reconnect to your body, mind, heart, and soul with compassion and love. 

Alexandra works with Individuals 16 and older, and also provides couples sessions. Click the discover more button below to learn more. Or the schedule my first session button to jump right into booking your first session. 



May make you feel disconnected from yourself, your body, or the world around you. 


A state of increased alertness, increased sensitivity, and exaggerated fear or worry. 

Critical Inner Voice

An inner voice of shame, blame or self hate. Often comes with feelings of negativity and critical view of self. 

Common human experiences that involve excess fear or worry; or non-interest, loneliness, and isolation. 

Difficulty Self Regulating

Inablity to Rest, or Relax

Self - Regulation is the state of being able to let go, calm yourself, and face the challenges of the present without the lens of the past. 

Staying busy, over-doing, people pleasing, and self sacrificing while ignoring the body's desire for rest, or slowing down. 

Resolve Common Trauma Symptoms


What is Somatic Experiencing®? 

Somatic Experiencing® is a world renowned body oriented approach to healing trauma, regulating the nervous system, and increasing the feeling of resiliency and wellbeing developed by Dr. Peter Levine.

SE® is a great compliment to traditional therapies, and is a successful healing modality all on its own. 


Our nervous system is influenced by everything around us, everything we do, and everyone we come into contact with.  The nervous system also affects our other body systems: our digestive system, our muscular system, our immune system, & our respiratory system, and our attachment system; just to name a few. Trauma & chronic stress negatively impact our daily life. These experiences can get suck in the nervous system and surface as feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, & feeling “stuck”. Our bodies aren’t meant to live in states of chronic stress or hyper arousal.  Over time, these experiences can develop into chronic illness, pain, disassociation, hypervigilance, and inability to relax or rest. 


Somatic Experiencing® involves a particular way of restoring the Nervous System's biological ability to
self-regulate.  SE® teaches you how to become more aware of your body, how to tolerate uncomfortable body sensations, and helps you to “renegotiate” and heal from stressful and traumatic experiences rather than re-live them.   SE® restores self-protective responses, releases traumatic shock, and resolves the "stuck" physiological responses of flight, fight, freeze, and fawn.


Alexandra works with you to create a uniquely safe space. Together you work at a slow, steady, consistent pace that doesn't feel overwhelming. Alexandra will help you ease into releasing emotions, resolving trauma, and managing stress. She will help you create a more relaxed connection to your self, your body, mind, and spirit with this well rounded therapeutic approach. Stress and trauma are traumatic enough.  The processes of healing doesn't have to be. 

What to expect in session....

Each session is 75min,  60 min for the experience with an additional 15min built in to discuss homework, or teaching concepts that would help you integrate and understand what took place during your session.  This is a hybrid session of talk and experiential therapy. However, it will be different from your traditional western mental health talk therapy session as we always invite the body and the nervous system to tell its story as well.  We will always begin and end with regulation and drop into being curious about what's going well, what are your resources, where do you feel most like yourself, etc. In order to establish safety and connection to the state of the nervous system that is safe and connected. 

Throughout the session we will venture into the pain points of your experience while being curious about how those pieces land in the body and the nervous system. We will use key SE concepts such as pendulation, titration, and nervous system response completion to support you in helping the body to let go of the story, restore biological nervous system function and regulation, and to help you establish a sense of safety and wellbeing in your body. 
You will always have choice in your sessions, and we can always stop, back away, and let anything be for another day. Your physical and felt sense of safety are our first priorities. 

Alexandra will support your nervous system in navigating pain points in increments, help you find and discover a sense of wellbeing and relationship to your body, give you tools to help navigate big emotion, attachment and boundary rupture, and disregulation. As stated above you will also always end with nervous system regulation practices so that as you leave you feel grounded, and supported. 


"After many years of psychotherapy and other treatments for PTSD, working with Alex doing SE has helped me in ways that nothing else could. Alex is extremely skilled at SE practice. She is a gentle guide, and helped me learn to feel where trauma was living in my body, and maybe more importantly, where it wasn't. Through this process of tuning in to my nervous system, I have been made progress in feeling more connected to my body and being able to soothe my nervous system. At the beginning of our work 4 months ago, I literally felt like my "self" lived outside of my body. Now I am much more connected to my body and I have so much more confidence in being able to take care of myself in the midst of big feelings. Alex was pivotal in this work, in how she provides a safe and nurturing container, in her skilled facilitation of sessions and her attunement to my nervous system. I tell everyone about Alex and SE because it has been truly life-changing like no other treatment has been for me to date." - Ellie (pseudonym used by client request)

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Alex has helped me manifest the birth of my dreams and to face all my fears with loving attention. Her commitment and availability to her clients and this practice are unwavering, and she truly is a guide through the

largest of waves." - Jamie Bruchman

For Those Who Have Experienced....

Sexual Trauma
Emotional and Physical Abuse
Intergenerational Trauma

Substance Abuse

Developmental Trauma
Relationship Difficulties 

Chronic Pain

Car Accidents


Medical Trauma 


Nervous System Dysregulation

Benefits of Somatic Experiencing®

Reduce physical discomfort.

Reduce irritability and anger.

Decrease stress.

Decrease negativity.

Greater sense of ones Self.

Improve confidence.

Increase hope.

Transform negative effects of Trauma.

Improve relationships.

Improve PTSD symptoms.

Decrease anxiety.

Increase resilience.

Soothe & Regulate the Nervous System.

Identify triggers.

Learn to identify internal sensation.

Learn strategies to enter the safe...

and connected NS state

Experience greater coherence.

Learn to navigate and release...

flight/fight/freeze states in the NS.

Work With Alexandra 

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Somatic Experiencing®

SE® is Alex's foundational modality. Experience your first session, then continue to explore SE® with a four pack of sessions. 


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Nervous System Attunement, Education and Somatic Practices. 
12 Week Course


Psychedelic Integration

Alexandra is an experienced psychedelic integration specialist ready to support you in unpacking your experiences with plant medicine.

Be Free Healing Center

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Alex co-owns The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, CO 
offering yoga, and Alex's public class offerings including Be Free Breathwork. 

A Message From Alexandra

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I am so glad you are here. I know how difficult it can be to seek support for things you are struggling with. I would love to support you with Somatic Experiencing® and believe that this therapeutic modality is vital for those seeking more presence and calm connection with and within themselves. Trauma is disorganizing, isolating, scary, and leaves us feeling like a shell of who we could be. If you are feeling stuck, or like you are not sure how to help yourself, you've come to the right place. This work is playful and transformative. It helps you restore choice, agency, and connects you to your biological ability to heal.  I can not wait to share it with you. 

I so love to connect with those who are wanting to show up for the things that are creating conflict within themselves; and to face the things that happened in their past. I honor and recognize the courage it has taken you to take this first step.  

During our first session we will get to know each other, and we will discover the unique signature of your Nervous System. We will utilize Somatic Experiencing® tools and techniques to work on our ability to stay centered in self-regulation, and we will dip our toe into the waters of what brings you to this practice in the first place.  You will always have choice, and we will begin to work out a plan that outlines how to best support you in your goals.

Some of the tools you will learn to use, and that I will support you with are:

-Pendulation - the natural ability of the nervous system to move from states of stress to states of calm. 

-Titration - Slowing the process of experiencing down, and allowing just a little bit of work to be done at a time. This is how we ensure that the process isn't overwhelming and that your nervous system in easily able to integrate the work being done. 

-Nervous System Response Completion - listening to the body's story, and allowing the body to complete the response it had in mind but didn't get to. Often times because it's not safe, there is not enough support, or we are afraid of being judged. 

-Restoring the ability to feel the body, listen to its messages, and tolerate staying grounded and present to discomfort. 

There is so much to experience here. I am here to hold you in love, acceptance, and non-judgement as you step up to vulnerably being seen. Whether you are feeling confident and light, or low and apathetic, SE® will support you in revealing the layers of truth needing to be discovered. 

What I've Noticed: 

My clients receive the education necessary to understand their different nervous system states, learn how to self - regulate, and experience the ability to easily let go of stress instead of continuing to be taken over by it.  

I've helped clients come out of states of freeze and disassociation, and experience more grounded connection to themselves, their bodies, and their emotions. 

Clients have been able to get traumatic experiences out of their bodies, and are able to release stored energy held in their nervous system. Where there had been fear, anxiety, and hypervigilance; they find calm, ease, and support.

Many clients who've experienced trauma know that staying in the hypervigilant states of fight/flight, and freeze are safer then letting their guard down, relaxing into ease, & allowing themselves to be completely seen.  Through our SE® sessions, these clients are able to slowly, and in microscopic amounts let their guard down and receive even just a moment of ease and connection. We restore the authentic nervous system states through SE®, reclaiming the state of safe and connected as truly safe and connected, and letting go of the need to control, fixate, overcompensate, over function, or constantly fall into depression.


To experience this work, all you have to do is schedule your first session. We will meet for a 75-min session. The first 60 min will be our SE® session, and the final 15 will allow time for us to discuss how we might continue to work together, and leave time for questions, further reflections, and to support you in feeling regulated and balanced before you leave. I offer in person sessions at The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, or Virtual Session via Zoom. 

Thank you again for being here. I honor the strength it takes to search for ways to support your healing. May you take the time today to breathe and may you receive the beauty that surrounds you. 


Alexandra Jenkins