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Trauma Healing, Nervous System Regulation
& Somatic Experiencing®
for Individuals & Groups



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Identify different Nervous System states,
receive new practices and tools for nervous system regulation, and learn about how
Somatic Experiencing® helps to restore the natural capacity to experience ourselves and move between states of ease and stress. 


All parts of you are welcome here.  
Are you ready for a new kind of healing experience? 
Alexandra's offerings invite all parts of you to show up. Somatic Experiencin
resolves experiences of lived and inherited trauma not just in your mind and in story, but in your body and your nervous system. 


Alexandra will help you gently resolve common symptoms of stress and trauma, and gracefully unwind the stories and lived experiences of the past. She provides you with a multitude of new strategies to regulate your nervous system, and reconnect to your body, mind, heart, and soul with compassion and love. 

Alexandra works with Individuals 16 and older, offers monthly workshops, and is also available for presentations to recovery and support groups. 

Work With Alexandra 

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Somatic Experiencing®

SE® is Alex's foundational modality focusing on Nervous System Repair, and Trauma Healing. 


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Nervous System Attunement, Education and Somatic Practices. 
Weekend Intensives
Live Online & Recorded



Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Supported Use, & Integration Services. Information on the
Natural Medicine Health Act,
Prop 122 that passed in 

Be Free Healing Center

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Alexandra co-owns
The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, CO. 

Yoga, Be Free Breathwork and Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops


Post Traumatic Stress &
Nervous System Disregulation

Post Traumatic Stress is a very broad category of trauma symptoms that are a result of a wide range of traumas.  Some common symptoms are flashbacks, intrusive memories, anxiety, and hypervigilance. 
Nervous System Disregulation often  shows up as GI issues, 
migranes, irritability, chronic pain, and/or inability to rest and let go.

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Impact Trauma, Accidents, 
Surgeries & Distressing Medical Events

Trauma impacts our boundaries, our felt sense of safety, and our ability to be present in our bodies. Impact trauma, accidents, and medical trauma can result in the lasting feeling of not quite being ourselves, feeling confused, numb, and isolated. 


Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse & Relational Trauma

Many trauma survivors experience similar symptoms, though each persons experience is personal.  Anxiety, depression, disassociation, flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts and memories, difficulty with connection, depersonalization, anger, and shut down are only a few of the symptoms that are common among trauma survivors. 

What to expect in session....

Each session is 60 min and can include talk, experiential processing, body awareness, and may include touch work. Each session may also include homework, or teaching concepts that may help clients integrate and understand what took place during their session.

This will be 
different than your traditional western mental health talk therapy session as the body and the nervous system are always invited to tell their story. Sessions always begin by being curious about 
what's going well in a clients life, and by building the capacity to be present in the body. The first priority of Somatic Experiencing® is to support a clients' ability to be present in the body and find the ability to settle, even just a little bit.

Throughout, the session will slowly venture into the pain points of a clients experience while being curious about how those experiences land in the body and the nervous system. Most important is supporting clients in developing the capacity to be present in their body, and to work within what is tolerable while stretching slowly the ability to digest activation and trigger.  This work is always curious about supporting biological nervous system function, allowing clients to have choice in their sessions, and prioritizes clients' physical and felt sense of safety. 

Alexandra provides a supportive container to help clients' nervous systems navigate pain points incrementally. She allows a lot of time and space for each person to find and discover a sense of wellbeing and relationship to their body and to experience tools that help navigate big emotions,  trauma, and attachment and boundary ruptures. 

Some of Alexandra's clients loving refer to SE as Interruption Therapy. The point of SE is not to come in and tell the story, and "get through" all of the pain points in a clients life. SE desires to interrupt the pattern of trauma, and thus Alexandra will often ask clients to pause in their story, or to tell only a small little part of it, to support clients in getting curious about what is going on on the inside. It is the physiological responses to trigger, story, and stimulus that keeps us stuck. SE is interested in helping clients to track their physical responses, get curious, and support digestion and discharge. 

SE sessions with Alexandra can and often do include touch work. This touch work will be offered as an invitation only, never required, and only after multiple layers of consent.  Relational touch can be very therapeutic to clients who feel isolated, those who have had developmental and relational trauma, and those who present with symptoms of depression, feelings of not being real, and those who feel disconnected from their body. Alexandra's touch is not intended to fix, but rather to support and connect. As stated above, there are not requirements here only invitations after relational trust is established. 


"After many years of psychotherapy and other treatments for PTSD, working with Alex doing SE has helped me in ways that nothing else could. Alex is extremely skilled at SE practice. She is a gentle guide, and helped me learn to feel where trauma was living in my body, and maybe more importantly, where it wasn't. Through this process of tuning in to my nervous system, I have been made progress in feeling more connected to my body and being able to soothe my nervous system. At the beginning of our work 4 months ago, I literally felt like my "self" lived outside of my body. Now I am much more connected to my body and I have so much more confidence in being able to take care of myself in the midst of big feelings. Alex was pivotal in this work, in how she provides a safe and nurturing container, in her skilled facilitation of sessions and her attunement to my nervous system. I tell everyone about Alex and SE because it has been truly life-changing like no other treatment has been for me to date."
- Ellie (
pseudonym used by client request)

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Alex has helped me manifest the birth of my dreams and to face all my fears with loving attention. Her commitment and availability to her clients and this practice are unwavering, and she truly is a guide through the largest of waves." - Jamie Bruchman

A Message From Alexandra

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I am so glad you are here. I know how difficult it can be to seek support for things you are struggling with. I would love to support you with Somatic Experiencing® and believe that this therapeutic modality is vital for those seeking more presence and calm connection with and within themselves. Trauma is disorganizing, isolating, scary, and leaves us feeling like a shell of who we could be. If you are feeling stuck, or like you are not sure how to help yourself, you've come to the right place. This work is playful and transformative. It helps you restore choice, agency, and connects you to your biological ability to heal.  I can not wait to share it with you. 

I so love to connect with those who are wanting to show up for the things that are creating conflict within themselves; and to face the things that happened in their past. I honor and recognize the courage it has taken you to take this first step.  

Thank you again for being here. I honor the strength it takes to search for ways to support your healing. May you take the time today to breathe and may you receive the beauty that surrounds you. 


Alexandra Jenkins


Soul Coach
Be Free Breathwork Facilitator 

Nervous System & Trauma Educator and Presenter
Psychedelic Harm Reduction, Supported Use, and Integration

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