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Restorative BodyWork

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Restorative Somatic Bodywork is a unique offering from Alexandra. She brings together
Somatic Experiencing, therapeutic touch, and bodywork principles to offer this 45min service. You can expect a fully clothed, on the table session that supports the client in a variety of ways.

- The mind, body connection improves, strengthens, and becomes more felt. 
- The client can experience safe enough touch in a consent focused environment. 
- Touch is our first language. This service is interested in being with the experience of the body, and encouraging the body's natural ability to let go. 
- When the body feels the presence of another regulated Nervous System it experiences being met. This is key for co-regulation, and the building blocks needed for self regulation. 


What Restorative Bodywork Is not....

- This is not mental health therapy

- This is not massage therapy

- This is not a talk centric modality. 

- This is not sexual in act, or interaction

- This is not physically corrective bodywork. 

What to expect

The first session will include a 15min chat regarding the clients intentions and goals for working with Alexandra, and include a brief check in around history.  Then the client will receive 30min of on the table time. 


Returning clients will receive a brief pre-session check in, 40min of on the table time, and a brief post-session check in. This session will also total 45min. 

While you are on the table, Alexandra will begin to offer your body a series of hands on supportive and nurturing holds. These holds are positioned around the body in different ways. She may place her hands on clients' joints, large muscle, or over organs. She may place 2 hands on the same limb, or 1 hand across the body to encourage connection. Each hold maybe a few moments long, or a few minutes. During this time, she will encourage clients to experience their internal world. 


Alexandra tailors her session to each client individually. Each client at any time can say "Stop" and the session will return to neutral. One agreement that is made between Alexandra and the client is that this session is never sexual in act, interaction, or in relationship.

The session may include conversations about a client's sexual past or trauma; and it is common to have people come to session wanting to recover from unwanted sexual experiences. 


If this is the case for you, please absolutely schedule a 20min clarity call before making an in person appointment. 


This is a fully clothed session. 

We will abide by the community agreements at the Be Free Healing Center. 



  • Deep Relaxation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Increased Body Awareness

  • Promotion of Self-Discovery

  • Relief from Physical Discomfort

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Emotional Release

  • Support for Trauma Healing

  • Holistic Healing

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