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Trauma Healing, Nervous System Regulation
& Somatic Experiencing® for Individuals,
Couples, & Groups





As you scroll, you will find that there are three prices listed
for Alexandra's services. 

This sliding scale model is the meeting place of Alexandra's desire
to provide affordable services while also meeting the financial needs
of her family. Honestly consider your finances, then freely choose your price.


Top price reflects financial freedom, reflects true effort and time        behind services, supports those needed discounts. 


Middle price reflects personal financial efficacy, reflects price for time of service.


The Lowest pricing reflects affordability and accessibility.

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In varying degrees, trauma impacts everyone.
Somatic Experiencing® offers  this hopeful perspective on resolving trauma: we all have the innate capacity to heal from within.


Stress is another universal aspect of the human experience. SE® helps to resolve built up activation in the Nervous System so that we can better navigate between activation and relaxation.

Alexandra works with individuals in person at The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, CO or online via Zoom. 

Parents are welcome to schedule a session
for their children 16 and older.  Individuals 18 and older are welcome to schedule a session for themselves.

 You can expect a 75min session involving talk,  and experiential therapy. You will always have choice in your sessions, and we can always stop, back away, and let anything be for another day. Your physical and felt sense of safety are our first priorities. 


Self Investment: $65, $95, $125



Somatic Experiencing® is a great way for couples to experience stress relief and to rekindle their compassion and connection.

Being married, or in a relationship, means two people often experience many shared experiences.  What affects one partner, will affect the other partner. One person's past experiences and traumas affect the relationship, one person's nervous system triggers affect the shared partnership's nervous system.  

® for couples is great for: developing healthy communication skills; navigating supporting a partner through trauma; identifying triggers; healing from old arguments, stories, and patters; rekindling the flame of sexual connection; having a supportive third party present to hold space for each person to be heard; and understanding the relationship through the lens of attachment theory. 


Receive a 90-min session where you come with your partner and experience this work together.  This session can be done in person at the Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, Co or online via Zoom. 

Couple's Investment: $95, $120, $150

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12 Week Group Course

December 8th, 2022 - March 30th, 2023

Nervous System Attunement, Education and Somatic Practices. 

Specifically for those who have experienced, or are experiencing nervous system dysregulation, stress, or trauma who are seeking new tools and practices to help them heal the past,  reconnect to their bodies, and find more joy in their lives.  

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Psychedelic Integration

Alexandra is ready and excited to talk with you about your psychedelic experiences. 
As psychedelics become more mainstream, safe spaces for integration and experienced guides are needed more and more.  

Alexandra holds an understanding, knowledgeable, and experienced  integration session where you can unpack anything that you may have experienced in your medicine journey.  Plant medicines that Alexandra support integration with are Psycillibin, MDMA,  and Ketamine 

Sessions are 60min, and can be done in person at The Be Free Healing Center or online via zoom. 

$65, $95, $125


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The Be Free Healing Center

Alexandra is the co-owner of The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, CO. 

She sees clients in person here, teaches yoga, leads Be Free Breathwork, and offers many varieties of workshops. 


Visit for the full schedule of classes and workshops offered there.