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This course teaches Nervous System basics and complexities in an easy to digest,
relatable way.  This course 
includes valuable somatic practices, to create a real time experiential learning environment.  

Better understand the Nervous System’s role in our everyday life, and the
role it plays in stress, trauma, and healing. 


Self Regulation Skills
Discover the connection between the NS & anxiety and depression

Somatic Practices to connect to the body
Restore NS function and capacity
Build internal and external resources
Experiential practices to feel NS states in the body

Discover spontaneous connection and happiness
Learn why curiosity is a resource



2 Weekend Intensives
Participate Online Via Zoom or 
In Person
at The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, Colorado

Weekend #1

Saturday Feb 24th 9am - 5pm (MST)
Sunday Feb. 25th 12pm-5pm (MST)

Weekend #2
Saturday March 30th 9am-5pm (MST)
Sunday March 31st 12pm-5pm (MST)

+ One on One Sessions with Alexandra

+EMBODY THE CHAKRAS:: Guided Somatic Experiencing Workshops through the Chakras


Enrolling Individuals and Therapeutic Practitioners

Individuals with current or past experiences of:
- stress, Trauma, and nervous system disregulation;
- anxiety, depression, dissociation;
- disconnection from their body
- difficulty slowing down or not feeling safe. 

For coaches and therapeutic practitioners wanting to:
- practice their own self care

- receive their own therapeutic support
- unwind patterns in themselves as listed above
- add nervous system, somatic, and body oriented practices to their
therapeutic tool kit


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Weekend #1 

The first weekend intensive will be dedicated to learning about Nervous System Regulation and creating and getting oriented to our container.  The education and practices you receive throughout this first weekend will support you in understanding basic nervous system concepts, and help you begin to develop more feeling within and connection to your body.

Saturday Feb. 24th
9am-10:45am: Orientation, Group Connection, Container Creation
15min Break

11-12:30pm:  Somatic Practice, Nervous System Regulation, & Resourcing
12:30-2pm: LUNCH BREAK
2pm-3:45pm:  External vs. Internal Resources
15min Break

Afternoon Session 2: Somatic Practice and Closing Circle

Sunday Feb. 25th
12-2pm: Review, Nervous System Dysregulation, Pendulation, Somatic Practices
30min Break
2:30-3:45pm: Open Group Processing  
15min Break
4pm-5pm: Home Work, Next Steps, and Closing Circle

Weekend # 2
In this second weekend intensive we will deepen our understanding of the Nervous System. Throughout this series you will:
- build a basic understanding of polyvagal theory
- understand the connection between trauma and the nervous system.
- receive somatic practices that support complex NS processes
- restore connection to each NS state


Saturday, March 30th
9am-10:45am: Re - Orientation, Group Connection, Review, Autonomic Nervous System
15min Break
11-12:30pm: Stress and Trauma in the Nervous System, Common NS Disorganizations
12:30-2pm: LUNCH BREAK
2pm-3:45pm:   Nervous System Response Completion and Restoration, Somatic Practices
15min Break
4-5pm: Closing Circle

Sunday, March 31st
12-2pm: Review, BE FREE Breathwork
30min Break
2:30-3:45pm: Open Group Processing  
15min Break
4pm-5pm: Integration, Continuing Practices, Closing The Container


Sign Up

Pricing and Participation

Alexandra offers sliding scale pricing for all of her services.
There is an initial, non refundable, $100 deposit to hold your spot for all participants. 

From there, choose paid in full (includes deposit), or split payments. 
(The split payment is  in addition to the deposit.)

Split payments are due on the weekends we gather.

Each participant can choose their tier



represents need for  accessibility & affordability - this tier is highly discounted

Paid in full: $500

Deposit: $100
2 Payments: $200


price represents adequate financial capacity - tier represent full price for personal participation

Paid in full:  $700

Deposit: $100
2 Payments: $300


Price represents financial capacity to support self and others.

Paid in full: $900

Deposit: $100
Monthly payment: $400

Ready to participate? 

- click the link below your chosen tier
-fill out Sign up agreement
- make your payment/deposit
-receive welcome Information in your email

Have Questions?
schedule a Clairity call with Alexandra

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