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Psychedelic support  
and harm 


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Alexandra has a firm foundation of respect for all types of plant medicine. She carries reverence and deep respect for the transformative potential of psychedelic substances. She offers safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to explore and navigate their plant medicine journeys. Whether you're seeking preparation, integration, or harm reduction strategies, her goal is to empower you to make informed decisions with maximum potential benefit and minimal risk. 


What Psychedelic 
support and harm reduction Is not....

- This is not mental health therapy

- This is not licensed psychedelic therapy
- This is not a place to purchase plant medicine. 

- This is not a psychedelic experience.


  • Stress Reduction

  • Increased Body Awareness

  • Promotion of Self-Discovery

  • Emotional Release

  • Support for Trauma Healing

  • Preparation guidance

  • Integration practices 

What are sessions?

These sessions are 45min phone call consultations.  Their purpose is to support the aligned use of plant medicine. You might benefit if:

- You've heard about psychedelics before and have questions and curiosities. 
- You've been thinking about doing a journey somewhere and want to talk it through
- You have an upcoming journey planned and want to receive support in how to prepare. 
- You've been through an experience and would like to receive safe, nurturing integration support. 
- You're curious about harm reduction strategies for yourself and others as you navigate the psychedelic space. 

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