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Trauma Healing, Nervous System Regulation
& Somatic Experiencing® for
Individuals, & Groups



Alexandra grew up in Wisconsin, whereas a child she loved riding horses, adventuring solo in the woods, and writing poetry. In adolescence, Alexandra experienced sexual trauma, went through a period of self harm, and struggled with body image, addiction, and depression. 


After college, Alexandra moved to Colorado. Then, on her 26th birthday, she first discovered the healing power of the Be Free Breathwork process.  It was then Alexandra sought out spiritual healing containers to address the trauma, anger, pain, and disconnection that lived in her body. It was then that she completed a 3-year Apprenticeship with a Celtic Mystery School, discovering a deep connection to shadow work, the rhythms of Nature, and leading Women's Circles. 

The completion of this program sparked a flame of passion for being of service to the wellbeing of others through alternative healing modalities. Alexandra soon completed 500hrs of Yoga Certification, 600hrs Massage Therapy Certification, Be Free Breathwork training, and a Shamanic Practitioner Immersion and Apprenticeship.  

Alexandra has been working one on one with individuals, and with groups in a therapeutic capacity through the above services now for 10 years. 2020 clearly shook everything up for literally everyone. For Alexandra, what landed after the storm was the desire to support people in their healing in a much deeper and traditionally educated way.

Alexandra enrolled in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training with the International Institute for Trauma Healing in December 2020. Alexandra has now graduated from the program as of April 2023.  

Additional to that,  Alexandra is a co-owner of The Be Free Healing Center in Fort Collins, CO 
She is also the mother of 2 young boys and is excited about sharing Nervous System awareness to everyone who'll listen, playing and arranging music, and finding ways to be creative amongst the chaos of life. 

Alexandra's Scope of Practice

Alexandra is a Soul Coach who uses Somatic Experiencing as her coaching modality. When you sign up to work with Alexandra you are agreeing to receive coaching, mentorship, and Somatic Experiencing. 

Alexandra is not a licensed mental health practitioner and this is not psychotherapy, or mental health counseling. Those who have significant Trauma, or have received multiple mental health diagnoses can benefit from Somatic Experiencing coaching.  For those individuals Alexandra will require that you are also seeing a licensed Mental Health Care Provider. 

Somatic Experiencing is a trauma intensive specialty training. This training provides the education, and skills necessary for Alexandra to support highly traumatized, and disregulated clients.  However, Alexandra always advises that SE, and her services be a part of a team of practitioners and services clients choose to support them.

Alexandra will strongly encourage that clients sign a release with their primary mental health care provider that allows Alexandra to be in contact with them regarding their care. This will not be required, however as stated above, strongly encouraged. 

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