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A beautiful cabin on the lake in the woods invites you to get warm and cozy with all the things you haven't had time for. There is you, a handful of special kindred sisters, and deep quiet that allows you to rest, create, reflect, and dream.

You remember your body and its unique way of moving through the world without the hum of background responsibilities and requests. Stillness in the morning quiets the chatter of lists and worries; gives way to acceptance and inspiration. A good book on the river’s beach, undisturbed. The bubble of the hot springs, your heart relaxed, and your fire rekindled..

Silence surrounds these precious moments felt and seen in kindness and care. Love abounds, for self and sister. No words, no stories told aloud. Just the simplicity of quiet moments permeating, and sweetness in the air. Replenish in these awe inspired moments.

Though this may feel like a dream, you are invited - FOR REAL - to join in this magical, dreamy experience.
Join Alexandra Jenkins and Michelle Trumble and your kindred soul sisters....



Thursday May 18 - Monday May 22

River Song Lodge, Grand Lake Colorado


Alexandra’s signature retreat  offers you the time and space you need to unwind in nature, shed  layers of responsibilities, and choose for yourself each day what feels good. Bring the projects you’ve been wanting to complete, but haven’t had time: bring the books you long to read or finish; leave behind the work and receive space to luxuriate in “nothing to do”; visit the nearby hot springs, walk in the woods, or take a nap on the beach. Each day is the perfect mix of guided community practices, and sacred space for each woman to choose for themselves how they wish to be. 

Arrive on Thursday between 3pm and 6pm. This evening will consist of opening circle, our initiatory breathwork experience, and each woman taking vows of silence. We will close by 9pm.

Friday morning will begin with a light breakfast option followed by a Slow Flow Yoga practice led by Alexandra at 8:30am. This practice is 75min, followed by a quick 10min break and then an hour of community mediation practice. Afterwards, bruch is served and the remainder of the afternoon is left open. This is time for you to choose your own adventure. Stay at the cabin for self care, creative projects, reading, napping, hiking, or any other silent practices; or venture off to the near by Hot Sulpher Springs (30min drive, not included in retreat price). We will gather again in community at 5pm for dinner, and have an evening activity led by Alexandra from 6-8:30pm.

Saturday will follow the same flow and schedule as Friday. Light breakfast, yoga, meditation, brunch, free afternoon, dinner, evening activity.

Sunday will be the same as Friday and Saturday in the morning and afternoon and through the evening. The Evening activity will be our second Be Free Breathwork from 6:30-7:30pm followed by art and the breaking of our silent vows in our evening circle from 8-9pm. We will have a special evening snack, and the container will be open to chatting and sharing with your tribe.

Monday morning we will begin a little earlier with our final slow flow yoga, and silent meditation practices of the weekend. We will have our final closing circle and ceremony from 9-10am, and from there we will pack up and head out.

Included in the experience:
4 nights and 3 days of lodging
Meals! (light breakfast, brunch, snacks, dinner)
2 Be Free Breathwork Ceremonies
4 Slow Flow Yoga Practices
Evening Activities (think: sacred sound bath and gentle somatic movement)
A Bed! Everyone gets a bed in a shared room (there is one futon in a private room)


Hot Sulpher Springs
((just 30min away))

Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 11.49.58 AM.png

Retreat Schedule

Arrive Thursday May 18th
3-5pm:: Arrival, Choose your bed, settle in
5pm:: Community Dinner
6-7:30pm:: Opening Circle
7:30-8:30pm:: Be Free Breathwork
8:30pm-9pm:: Art Time
9pm:: Vows of Silence

Friday May 19th (Silent Day)
smoothies and light breakfast
8:30-9:45am :: Slow Flow Yoga - led by Alexandra
10-11am: Hour of Meditation

11:30: Brunch
((Free Afternoon))
5:00pm:: Dinner
6:30pm -8:00pm::  Evening Activity

Saturday May 20th (silent)
smoothies and light breakfast
8:30-9:45am :: Slow Flow Yoga
10am-11am :: hour of meditation
11:30am::  Brunch
((Free Afternoon))
5:00pm:: Dinner
6:30-8pm:: Evening Activity

Sunday May 21st (silent)
smoothies and light breakfast
9-10:15am:: Slow Flow Yoga
10:15-11:15am :: hour of meditation
12:15:: Brunch
((Free Afternoon))
5:00:: Light Dinner
6:30 - 7:30pm:: Breathwork
7:30-8pm:: Art and Quiet Reflection
8-9pm:: Evening Circle:  breaking of silent vows

Monday May 22nd 
smoothies and light breakfast
7-8am:  yoga
8-9am:: meditation
9am-10am :: Cacao Ceremony and Closing Circle
Pack Up and Head Out

Self Investment & Sign Up

Total Price is $830

Payment Plan:       
$200 Deposit + 3 payments of $210

Deposit due upon sign up.
Additional payment schedule can be determined by you! 

Partial Payment:    

$200 Deposit + 1 payment of $630
Deposit due upon sign up. Additional payment due by April 15th

Full Payment:         
$830 paid in full
Full payment made upon sign up

Payment details and refund policies are outlined in the registration form accessible by clicking the link below. 


Sign Up
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